February Goals

February 1, 2013 — 1 Comment

Can you believe it’s February? I’ve been “on the bench” all of January (which for all you non-consultants out there means I haven’t been on a project and have just been chilling at home doing random things for work and being a housewife) so the month has flown by.  It’s looking like I’m heading to snowy Rochester, NY for the next 5-6 weeks.  I can’t say I’m thrilled about this, but it will be nice to actually be working again.

Luckily we’ll also be taking a couple of warm trips this month! In 2 weeks we’re heading to Nashville with Grant’s parents to see his brother who goes to school at Belmont.  We’re seeing some country artist who Grant likes and whose name I can’t think of off the top of my head at the Grand Ole Opry on Friday night, hitting up the Pancake Pantry (no matter how long we have to wait in line), taking a tour of the Ryman and going to the Bluebird Cafe.  I’m super excited to explore this new city – and to see all the places from the show Nashville…anyone else love it too??



We’re also going to San Diego for my cousin’s wedding the week after that.  I know that it’s not as super warm as I probably think it’s going to be, but I’m so excited to pull out some dresses and sandals for a few days! Any recommendations for Nashville and San Diego?? While we try to make sure we see the key touristy spots when we travel, we love getting more of the local flavor wherever we go.


What’s on tap for February? I thought I’d link up to My Pretty Pennies February Goals post!

February Goals

  • Be able to run 8 miles by the end of the month (we’re doing 7 tomorrow, but I know it’s going to be a walk/run)
  • Keep on schedule with my Read the Bible in a Year plan
  • Try 2 new restaurants in Cincinnati (we always go to the same places when we go out…mmm…Bakersfield)
  • On that same note, I’d like for those to be the only 2 times we eat out in Cincy since we’re going to be traveling so much this month
  • Figure out WordPress so I can add all the things on here I originally had in mind
  • Read 3 books (Does anyone else feel like the more free time they have the less stuff they get done? I did not read a single book in January! I’ll have plenty of time to read on all the plane rides this month though!) – Any book recommendations? We’re reading The Bell Jar for book club in February!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. What are you looking to do on wordpress? I’ve found that using the Firebug plugin for Firefox is super helpful for finding the CSS pages you want to edit – depending on which theme they’re using, they can be really buried in there. Same thing with the images.

    I usually read an alarming amount of fantasy novels, but if you’re looking for a good non-fiction book, Washington: A Life is quite interesting.

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