My Current Love Affair

January 30, 2013 — 1 Comment

While I was in grad school 4 years ago (ack I’m so old) I started housesitting for family with a new French Bulldog.  I had never seen or heard of them before, but I quickly fell in love with little Yoda.


(Who couldn’t love that face…??)


Since then, I’ve been dying to have a frenchie of my own.  Unfortunately my job requires me to be out of town Monday-Thursday most weeks which means I wouldn’t be home to take care of it very often as Grant points out every time I ask for one (plus it would probably love Grant more than me since I would just be a weekend parent and that would be very sad).  Hopefully I will find a job that will allow me to be home in the near future and I’m slowly wearing Grant down on letting us get one.

Wouldn’t they be the best family dog?? (my mom sent this to me in an email so I have no idea where it’s from)

Until then I will have to pacify myself by stealing Yoda for walks and looking at darling pictures people send to me or I stumble upon on Pinterest!

Sunbathing. (From my Pinterest)

Sunbathing. (From my Pinterest)


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One response to My Current Love Affair

  1. Our new neighbors just moved in and have a french bulldog! I’ll try to snag a pic for you sometime ;)

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