Here Goes Nothing

January 29, 2013 — 2 Comments

I have a confession.  I’ve signed up for half marathons 4 times now and have yet to run a single one.  Three times I’ve signed up for the Flying Pig Half here in Cincinnati and I was peer pressured to sign up for the Chicago Half under the guise of a fun trip with friends.  Last year I ridiculously thought I was going to run the Flying Pig 6 days before my wedding – as if I didn’t have enough stress in planning a wedding while being out of town Monday-Thursday every week for work.  I lucked out last year though, it was ridiculously hot and they allowed you a heat deferral and thus I am signed up for the Flying Pig (for free…kinda) this year for the 4th time.

So this year is the year I’m going to do it.  And I want you all to hold me accountable.  So far I’m doing a lot better than I have in years past.  I started training with a pretty intense running group on January 10th and then realized that I was paying money to run by myself at a time not quite convient to me.  So I quit.  And now my husband is my new running partner.  I was nervous to run with him because he’s run multiple halves and the Flying Pig Full a couple of years ago, but he’s been super gracious with me and runs as long as I can run and walks when I need to walk.

I’m not sure I’m ever going to become one of those super intense runners or ever have the desire to run a full.  But I can tell you that only after 3 weeks of running I feel much stronger and it constantly amazes me what my body is capable of – my head is my biggest enemy because I am strong enough.

Anyone else starting something they’ve been putting off for awhile??


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2 responses to Here Goes Nothing

  1. I’d feel like a hypocrite to hold anyone accountable to a marathon, but good luck! I don’t know if the half comes to Mariemont, but if it does, we’ll come cheer you on:) You can do it!

  2. Good for you!! I am impressed :) I finally started going back to the gym and lifting regularly (after not going since I moved to DC…). Here’s hoping I keep it up :)

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